latest update: December 27th

CAE-Egypt has launched an Industrial research and Training partnership with the American University in Egypt (AUC)...


Our Courses

We provide training for several programs through a comprehensive set of modules and tracks that cover most computer-aided engineering disciplines


Coming soon, stay tuned!


CAE-Egypt is an independent company, with its headquarter in Alexandria, Egypt. The company provides state of the art Computer-Aided Engineering training and services . Along with our partners, we provide training, engineering consultancy and software development for the oil and gas industry and process engineering.

Partners & Certifications

CAE-Egypt is partner and certified by several international organizations like ( Microsoft, ASSE, IIRSM, Governors, OSHA, and Hfield) that include marketing and distribution of relevant software/hardware products like Prosim and BowTieXP.

CAE-Egypt has recently established a firm professional agreement which have resulted in being able to include Automation as main activity of CAE-Egypt. This coves marketing of a big variety of instrumentation produced by a number of internationally known and recognized companies like VIPA, Movicon, HelmHolz, Atek, 4B, Valcom & Korenix .
This service includes selling, installation, commissioning and maintenance as well as TRAINING. Our control systems training lab is considered the most recent in Alexandria. Successful trainees are certified by the relative international companies.