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CAE-Egypt has launched an Industrial research and Training partnership with the American University in Egypt (AUC)...


Our Courses

We provide training for several programs through a comprehensive set of modules and tracks that cover most computer-aided engineering disciplines


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Automatic Control

يتشرف المركز المصري للاستشارات الهندسية و التدريب بالتعاون مع ماس تريدنج بالاعلان عن البرامج التدريبية الآتية و المعتمدة من شركة فيبا الألمانية

PLC Courses

PLC Basics (SIMATIC S7® basic)

  • Using Step7.
  • Create new program, download it to PLC, and debug it.
  • Program different bit logic instructions.
  • Program timers and counters.
  • Program comparison operations.
  • Use different blocks (OB, DB and FB).
  • Troubleshoot common software errors.

PLC Advanced (SIMATIC S7® Advanced)

  • Analog value processing.
  • Functions, function blocks and multi-instances
  • Jump commands and Accumulator operations
  • Configuration of Breakpoints as a debugging tool
  • Memory Indirect addressing
  • Error management with error organization blocks
  • Analyzing S7 diagnostic data

S7® 300/400 Maintenance

  • Locate and replace faulty modules
  • Reload programs.
  • Implement changes to the program.
  • Using the SIMATIC S7 programmer to connect online and monitor programs
  • I/O Fault finding.
  • Introduction to communications.

S7® Communications Course

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • AS-Interface
  • Point-to-point connection
  • MPI connection

SCADA Courses

SCADA Basics

  • Components of a SCADA control system
  • Software - design of SCADA packages
  • Configuration of SCADA control systems
  • Connecting SCADA and PLC controls
  • SCADA control system design
  • Create and manage SCADA project.
  • Integrate components between SCADA and STEP7
  • Create tags from the STEP7 symbol table.
  • Design graphic screens and tools.

SCADA Advanced

  • I/O Communication
  • I/O Communication Protocols
  • Configuring I/O Communication
  • Troubleshooting I/O
  • Advanced Tag Functionality
  • Indirect Tags
  • Creating and Using Indirect Tags
  • SCADA Super Tags
  • Deleting Tags

Basic Movicon

  • Basic concepts
  • Graphics
  • Alarm and Historical Log
  • Recipes Management
  • Data-Logger
  • Trends
  • Networking
  • User’s and Password Management
  • Communication Drivers


  • Create and manage a WinCC Flex project.
  • Integrate components between WinCC Flex and STEP 7.
  • Create tags from the STEP7 symbol table.
  • Design graphic screens and tools.
  • Configure internal and external tags.

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