latest update: December 27th

CAE-Egypt has launched an Industrial research and Training partnership with the American University in Egypt (AUC)...


Our Courses

We provide training for several programs through a comprehensive set of modules and tracks that cover most computer-aided engineering disciplines


Coming soon, stay tuned!

Process Engineering


CAE-Egypt has developed valuable expertise in different advanced field of process simulation and engineering. The team includes highly qualified experts that will help you obtain the most effective solution to your problem. These areas of expertise are continuously reinforced through close collaboration with major players of the industry and recognized research centers (ENSIACET). Thanks to a large network of partners, CAE-Egypt can manage projects that include lab or pilot plant experiments, and provide full engineering services.

Consulting services typically cover the following fields :

  • Front end process engineering
  • Simulation and optimization of complex processes
  • Equipment sizing
  • Cost minimization with Pinch analysis [ more info ]
  • Calculation of Thermodynamic properties and phase equilibrium
  • Energy related processes integration

Specific Software Development

CAE-Egypt IT services has the capabilities and the know-how to respond to requests for specific application development. Our expertise covers both interface development and customisation and advanced numerical methods implementation. Specific software development typically includes:

  • Implementation of a custom unit operation in an existing software
  • Migration of legacy codes to CAPE-OPEN
  • Development of a single specific unit operation
  • Adaptation of an existing software to customer's constraints
  • New, complete application development